What We Do       

    As  an experienced, certified pet dog and cat groomer, I provide a full range of services. For example:  shaving your
    pet's coat, trim nails, hot spot care, microbial spa baths, hot spot washing, anti-microbial teeth brushing or anesthesia
    free teeth cleaning, removal of shedding fur, clipping the kennel style, the adapted AKC stylized clips, or just bring me a

    Our Mission

    The mission is to be caring and responsive to customers.  Pet parents know
    their pets best and listening to their concerns and requests allows us to
    provide  the  quality of service their pet deserve and pet parents expect.   
    This work is very rewarding

    Established in 2014

    I  wanted to operate as a boutique able to accommodate customer's concerns
    and special requests.  I have had many requests from pet parents for special handling of fearful, old,
    and/or injured pets.

    To accomplish this type of boutique relationship, I have to talk directly with
    each pet owner and  schedule their appointments myself. This allows me to schedule a pets length of
    stay more accurately.  This also allows me to respond to questions, concerns and special handling
    requests first hand:  before I follow through with a pets care and grooming.

Pet Grooming
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