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1.  Groomer's  Notes - Breed Traits

  • Below  description for  each Breed Group

  • Knowing  your dog's breed trait allows you to keep your expectations reasonable for everyday life

  • And when you are training a behavior, knowing your dog's inherited traits help you build a plan that will be less work and allow for
    quicker success.

  • Breed traits is also known as a  genetic instinctive traits
    **The mixed breed has traits/desires from  one or all of the different breeds in their mix

  • Use a Breed Chart to narrow the  habits,  skills,  traits and size  you desire  to a specific dog  :1.

2.   Groomer's  Notes - Breed Traits


Desire to hunt:  look for, chase, find something
Sight hunters
Wants to participate
Wants to please

Desire to hunt  
No human interaction
aloof and independent
Easily distracted by smell
Nose dominate ( often seen with nose to ground following a sent )

Desire to guard things or land
Intelligent doers
Size - usually big and strong  

Desire to hunt and kill rodents and other pests
Desire seen as high prey drive towards smaller animals
Scrappy, tough, willing to fight (i.e. you push, they push back harder)

Companion or Lap dog has desire to be held and cuddled
Small and easily carried (often referred to as a pocket or purse puppy)

Sturdy in build
Personality and Appearance differ

Desire to  guard, protect and control  livestock
Task oriented
Driven to find something,  to herd and control

Groomer's  Notes - Pack  Structure

Reply to  FAQ customer
FAQ : You mentioned less time for training Exxxx (Retriever dominate Mix) as opposed to Axxxx (Standard Poodle dominate Mi)

NOTES:  Pack Structure in multiple dog family :

We all know that dogs are pack animals and need/requires pack structure for their behaviors to be reliable and consistent.
Implementing this knowledge requires the peoplePack to follow the "golden rule" consistently.

Golden Rule: always deal with the manager (the dog you identify as leader is the manager: Axxxx)

So, if Axxxx 's and Exxxx 's people pack ( peoplePack ) treat Axxxx like a store manager and pretty much ignore Exxxx as first
contact, Exxxx will learn his place as Axxxx 's assistant. Leaving Axxxx, the manager, to teach and control her assistant.

When the peoplePack mess up
and talks to a different member of the pack first, this signals a change in management. The assistant begins to try and control the
manager ( aka: chaos)

i.e. To please her people, Axxxx will follow Exxxx 's led: act like a Retriever puppy ( jumping on you, pulling on leash, ...)
Personal notes:
I think Axxxx and Exxxx are a beautiful breed combination if structure is present.
Axxxx 's poodle breed is the 2nd smartest breed in the world whos breed instincts leave her with a desire to please her people. She
is very good at reading what her people wants and will is literally in her genes

( Axxxx knows not to jump, to treat people as fragile, no leash pulling, she will growl at strangers to let them know her people are
protected ...)
Exxxx 's Retriever breed is the 4th smartest in the world.
His Retriever instincts will make him (as an adult) mellow, a natural born follower who finds pleasure in retrieving things for his
people ( newspaper, shoes, car keys ...). He too should be great at reading his people and bringing them their usual items for any
given situation.